Beauty Benefits of Hibiscus - Anthocyanocides

October 06, 2020

Beauty Benefits of Hibiscus - Anthocyanocides

Our farm grown hibiscus flowers are a beautiful super food/fruit for your skin. Not only is hibiscus referred to as the "botox of plants", but it contains this super fruit antioxidant known as anthocyanocides - which refers to the flavonoid pigments (purplish blue, red) in the fruit. 

Research shows that anthocyanocides are a potent antioxidant which bring incredible health benefits for the body and also for the skin. It's one reason we use grow, harvest, dry and blend these potent burgundy flowers in our rejuvenating/moisturizing beauty mask.

Anthocyanins provide anti-oxidants (think of a powerhouse shield) which helps combat skin-deteriorating free radicals - that damage and quickly age your skin. Anti-oxidants also help reduce those age spots we all hate.


Free radicals, accelerate aging and can come from UV rays, pollution, fried foods, environmental chemicals, and just our normal metabolic processes. READ MORE on free radicals HERE.

The natural acids in the hibiscus flower also help break down our dead skin and we need that - because gently breaking down dead skin helps increase our cellular turn over.

Hibiscus is a real food nourishment full of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, that help improve circulation and aide in deterrence of collage breakdown of your skin. The other plus is that it has a naturally high mucilage content - which means it's extremely moisturizing. 

Our Bespoke Hibiscus + Rose Beauty Mask is a spa experience in a bottle.
Hibiscus + Rose Rejuvenating Beauty Mask has been formulated with our farm grown botanicals that benefit and support dehydrated skin needing moisture and rejuvenation.