The Beauty of Lylah's Bespoke Collection

Wear yourself well. Love your skin.

Remember, true beauty is inner beauty radiating from the inside. 

Make time for yourself, today and every day, creating space for those beauty pause moments where you recognize beauty around you.

Time to meditate and pray. Time to journal. Time to walk in a garden. Time to notice the sunset. Time to express gratitude to another or your Audience of One. 

Cleanse and Hydrate

Lylah’s morning beauty ritual begins with a gentle skin wakeup using one of our cleansing bars which were formulated to be moisturizing, rich in vitamins A, C,D, E with the natural AHA from the goats milk. Our soaps will not over strip or dry out your skin.

Activated Charcoal + Rosemary, Canyon Pink Clay + Grapefruit, 3 Mint, or Spring Water + Calendula (vegan).

Next, hydrate your skin. Lylah is a fan of using plant-based hydrosols right after cleansing. A hydrosol is a plant based facial tonic full of the plant’s nutrients that help revitalize, heal and nourish the skin. They provide a balancing and hydrating benefit along with the specific plant nutritional benefits.

Lylah’s Tips: On a cleansed face, close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths and mist from the top of your head down to your décolleté (lower neckline). It’s ok to mist often throughout the day to refresh your skin (even over makeup).

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Lylah formulated a power packed serum to specifically include 31 high-performing ingredients that have been known to slow down signs of aging and provide rejuvenation.

She formulated this product with her own mature skin issues in mind. Golden Dew Botanical Serum is a definite boon to mature/dry skin and yet so excellent for all skin concerns. Golden Dew Botanical Serum is nutrient dense, full of vitamins and anti-aging properties with nourishing fatty acids that all skin longs for. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. This serum used day and night, helps restore your natural radiance, leaving your skin soft and hydrated.  

 Lylah’s Tips: Take 4-5 drops in the palm of your hand, press your hands together bringing them to your face, inhale deeply, then press and then gently massage giving love to all areas of your face.


Anti-Aging Blue Tansy Eye and Skin Balm

For an added layer of protection, hydration and glow boosting for your skin and eye treatment, Lylah designed her blue tansy balm, Cloud.

Cloud is your day and night glow boosting balm that interacts with your skin providing a hydrated, dewy, luminous skin. This treat is key to help prevent transdermal water loss. It’s an anti-aging balm with anti-bacterial dense.

 Lylah’s Tips: Take a blueberry size amount and use your fingertips and as Cloud melts, press gently on your face, massaging it in. Breathe in the goodness of the robust but gentle floral profile of jasmine and frankincense. Cloud, mixed with 1 drop of Golden Dew, is the best eye balm.

Evening Beauty Ritual

Lylah’s a big believer in nighttime double cleansing and so she formulated, Luna, our nourishing oil cleanser.

If you live in a metro city, one cleanser is not enough-you need two. You will love Luna, it’s packed with anti-bacterial botanical properties that aide in removing all traces of makeup + dirt from the day’s pollutants.

Central to the ingredient list is Sea Buckthorn, a real workhorse that is known to help heal sun damage and nourish skin tissue. This ingredient alone contains 190 nutrients + phytonutrients – it’s loaded with anti-oxidants

 Lylah’s Tips: Use 4-5 pumps in the palm of your hand, press your hands together and then massage gently into your skin. Wet your hands and massage upward a bit more – or using a soft, damp (very warm) cloth, gently sweep upward until your face is cleansed. Allow all the goodness of Luna to soak into your skin. I often just hold the very warm cloth to my face and breath Luna in. Choose one of our moisturizing soaps for your second cleanse.