The Kitchen

Our kitchen is a magical space where research and development, formulation and creation, and blending and pouring takes place. We label, package, and ship directly from our farm to you.

Crafting small batches of the very best skincare is a slow process. Using cheap ingredients or premade bases is simply not an option. Every ingredient that comes into our kitchen has to meet our quality standards of excellence and freshness, otherwise the potency of our products would be affected. That is just not an option.

From the windows of our farm and lab we watch our German chamomile, calendula, mallow, moringa, dandelion, nettle, hibiscus, lavender, and more, grow. Our chemist tells me, “Lylah, you like top shelf!” It’s true. We don’t take shortcuts. To create the best takes time. Slow is worth it.

We plant in season, nurture, and harvest our nutrient dense, whole plants that feed and nourish the skin. When you use the whole plant, you reap the benefits of the whole plant and all of the beauty locked within. When harvested they are gathered and taken to the Flower Room to be dried and then when ready, they are off to The Lab where the slow process of our nutrient-rich blend begins.

All this matters to us, because you matter to us.