Beauty & Wellness Gathering 💗 FRIDAY - FEBRUARY 16, 2024

Come away from the hurry and the noise and join me
 in the gardens at our farm for a 
Beauty & Wellness Gathering of women,
a morning to slow down - experience nature and for
moments of soul care, soul rest, soul renovation.
Friday ~ FEBRUARY 16, 2024
8:30 - 11:30 AM
Beauty & Wellness Gathering ... a soirée for women - is a gathering in the gardens at our farm for strolling, journaling, reading or connecting with a friend. It lends itself for soul care, rest, renovation. Depending upon what you might long for - the garden vignettes are a quiet space whether alone or with another woman as time to quiet the soul, cultivate silence, reset the inner calm, lean into the surrounding beauty to hear the Creators whisper . .  . or whatever else your soul might long for. 

You’ll enjoy finding a quiet garden nook to sit, sip coffee, enjoy morning pastry and experience all the garden beauty, whether in the quiet by yourself or with a friend.

8:30 -11:30 AM Breakfast Pastries, Coffee & Garden Tea will be available.
The proceeds from this gathering go to support the mission of The Simple Farm. Your morning tickets are here. ** If you are unable to pay for a ticket please email us at and let us know.