I've always had very sensitive skin, so it's been a journey to find a cleanser that works for me. I found that natural goat milk suited me well but felt I was missing out on the fragrance and vibrancy of other skincare brands. As you can imagine, finding TSF Botanicals was such a gift to me! I love every cleansing bar for it's unique color, scent, and finish on my skin! TSF is a brand that I trust with my sensitive skin and it brings me joy every day.

Vanessa Schmidt - vanessaschmidt.co

Cloud is more of a storm cloud than a regular cloud, not only because of its beautiful, smoky and slightly iridescent color, but because of how it leaves your skin as well. It's thick with hydrating moisture, drenches thirsty skin, fills in fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves your skin plump and dewy fresh by morning. I'm addicted.

Molly Gibson - Where My Vans Go

Who would have thought something like this would take my beauty routine to the next level! Cloud is very moisturizing and a little goes a long way! It smells amazing, makes my skin look dewy and truly feels like I’m treating my skin to something special!  

Cindy Steinman - The Brexley

Several years ago I was introduced to TSF BOTANICALS and their 100% natural collection of skin care products. My two favorites are Canyon Pink Clay Cleansing Bar and the Rose Geranium Hydrosol. I mist every day to keep my skin hydrated.

Beth Gingrich, New Zealand

While visiting Lylah's farm this past year, I was introduced to her new skincare line. Her enthusiasm and glowing face encouraged me to try Rose Geranium Hydrosol. I use it every day and I even impressed a friend with my glowing face so she too visited the shop and bought some. A great beauty routine makes me look healthier and not so dried out, can't wait to hear more about your expanded line. And, a special thanks for the product Lylah sent to a friend battling cancer and radiation.

Kathy Wiercinski Elgin, IL

Absolutely Amazing! Turn your nighttime ritual into a spa like experience with CLOUD. The aroma will send you floating. Glowing results in the morning! Love it!!

Cindy Dorf - Scottsdale, AZ