Rose & Hibiscus 💫 Transforming Beauty Mask || Farm Grown Rose + Hibiscus, Calendula, Nettle, Yarrow || Frankincense

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Your purchase of this beauty mask benefits the mission of The Simple Farm.

Skin Type:  Formulated for all skin types - geared toward mature + dry skin

Our Garden Mask - known as Rose + Hibiscus Transforming Mask was inspired by and formulated with garden botanicals that benefit and support dehydrated skin needing moisture and transformation.

Besides ROSES, one of the primary botanicals in this mask is our garden-grown Hibiscus – known as a plant that works to aid in cellular turnover and improve skin tone. This beauty treatment gently exfoliates dead skin while simultaneously refining your skin’s youthful appearance. I know you’ll enjoy this experience. You'll skin will be gently transformed.


xx Lylah Ledner, Gardener, Lover of Beauty & Bespoke Formulator


200ml violet bottle filled with botanical beauty from our gardens - $75.00

I personally, use this garden filled beauty treatment mask 2-3 times per week. Simply place one to two teaspoons of the dry botanical powder into your mask bowl, then activate the powder by adding equal amounts of either our 
Rose Geranium Hydrosol, honey or water. **Soon our farm distilled Vintage Rose Hydrosol will be available. 

I add just enough until I see a mouse-like fizz consistency. I use my fingers to mix the mask and when ready, I simply apply all this garden goodness and delight to my face and neck.  I leave the treatment mask on for 20-25 minutes - while I sip coffee or do a little work in the flower garden. Rinsing off in our outdoor sacred garden shower adds to the delight of this mask.  

INGREDIENTS: Formulated with 100% skin-nourishing super-food botanicals for soft rejuvenated skin: 

* rose petals - rose petals bring Vitamin C, help retain moisture and soothe irritated skin

*hibiscus flower - the Vitamin C in the flower helps enhance collagen production along with helping to improve your skin's circulation, the mucilaginous in the flower helps to lock in moisture

*calendula flower - have an impressive ability to heal skin and improve its appearance

*yarrow - besides wonderful as a tea helping to soothe anxiety, this ancient herb has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties that also provide a natural astringent which helps to reduce pore size.

* moringa - moringa leaves bring a good dose of Vitamin A to this mask as well as providing anti-inflammatory properties and high skin purifying properties (our goats LOVE moringa AND it's used in morning smoothies. 

*artemisia (mugwort) -the vitamin E component in mugwort helps skin retain moisture, loaded with soothing anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties making it a PLUS for mature/dry skin **adds radiance

*nettle - contains a wide variety of powerhouse nutrients for skin

* helichrysum flowers - a medicinal herb used through the ages for skincare. anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent 

Additional ingredients included in this beauty treatment are * Yarrow *lavender * German Chamomile * rosemary, white willow bark, marshmallow root, French pink clay, kaolin clay, organic brown rice, organic colloidal oats, turmeric root, sodium bicarbonate, cloves + Frankincense

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