The Power of Gathering Others Around Your Table

April 14, 2020

The Power of Gathering Others Around Your Table

Studies have shown how important it is to family life to have a meal at the table - together. In these slowing down days, to prepare a simple meal, gather your loved ones around and sit together. it's entering and healing - especially in troubled times. 

Reclaim the beauty of your meal table by preparing anything simple and by gathering your loved ones (family + friends) around. The family meal table is healing, and it has a centering power. Take advantage of lovely weather and set a table outside - even for morning brunch or coffee. 

The table has “centering” power that gives structure and stability, love and security in a world that offers little of. The table is the place where children are introduced to new foods, develop manners and discipline, hear stories and even be affirmed in their own stories, ideas, and experiences. The table is the place where special memories are created, holidays celebrated and legacies shared with those we cherish most.


What the Power of the Table Does

Establishing the mealtime routine at the table does so much for the family. Mealtime not only brings the family together and creates stability, but it also helps to build understanding and communication with each other. Establishing a mealtime routine will give a husband and children a sense of security. The “centering” that the power of the table provides helps the family members do a better job when facing difficulties and stress at work or school.


Warmly, Lylah

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