November 10, 2018


Why you should use our goats milk cleansing bars?

Central to three of our face cleansing bars is goat's milk which is naturally moisturizing and naturally contains AHA. Many skin care companies add AHA into their cleansers. We don't need to add it, because it is already there naturally. That is the beauty of using goat's milk in all of our natural cleansing bars.


Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a group name for a few types of acids that are found naturally in plants and certain foods. You WANT skin products that contain AHA because these little plant/food gifts keep the dead cells on your skin from sticking together and then they help promote cell turn over.

AHA acts as an exfoliant that helps break down dead skin cells. Our milk cleansing bar has activated charcoal which takes that detoxification to a little deeper level. You want that top layer of dead skin to gently slough off, so that any other plant nutrient serums you use will then be absorbed into your skin.