The Beauty of Lavender

July 23, 2020

The Beauty of Lavender

Since around 2000, I have grown lavender on a consistent basis and it's one of those herbs/flowers/ botanicals from heaven that I will always grow. Besides being so beautiful to look at, it is used to It really does soothe and calm anxiety. For those who struggle to fall asleep, keep it near your bedside.

Lavender is grown all over Europe and, like me, Queen Victoria was a huge fan of lavender and had a fresh bundle brought to her every day. When the lavender revives after our summer heat, I also keep fresh bundles in my home. Currently, I think we have 56 plants at our farm and it does so well, perhaps because this herb originated in the Middle East and our climate is similar. One side note about growing Lavender - do NOT overwater it.


The root word of lavender comes from "lavare" and it's the word that means "to wash." Besides being soothing and calming, one of the major benefits of lavender is that it carries inflammatory properties and that is one of the reasons we use it in a few of the Lylah Ledner skincare products. It’s also a reason why we source and bottle our top-selling face tonic - English Lavender hydrosol.

Lavender can also be used in food. I have made lavender honey and lavender shortbread.