Start a Little Family Garden

April 14, 2020

Start a Little Family Garden

There is nothing more healing than being outside, in the midst of the earth, sky and all the beauty to be discovered in between. When times are stressful, start a little garden.

Gardens can be in all sorts of containers: wine barrels or raised beds (pine wood - 4x8 x10 or in these little boxes we've used called Earth Box. They are perfect for a small patio and our first growing experience was with the Earth Box. 

If you haven't gardened - it’s a wonderful time, to begin. Start small. It's beautiful to learn from the garden successes and failures and to watch the fruit of your labor as it offers you something beautiful, whether it be vegetables or flowers - it's life-giving and worth it. 

Just do it, you'll be so glad you did. xx Lylah