The Beauty of a Facial Massage

July 22, 2020

The Beauty of a Facial Massage

Masking and facial massage go hand in hand for those weekly self-care rituals.  It's taken almost two years to complete the formulation of our new Bespoke Hibiscus + Rose Beauty Mask and I am confident you'll love the results with this experience. 

I use our Bespoke Transforming BEAUTY MASK  2-3 times per week, use that time to add a simple 1-2 minute facial massage. 

Facial massage relieves tension, reduces inflammation in your lymph nodes, helps increase circulation, improves the look of your skin, strengthens your facial muscles, and during the massage your serums and balms absorb more easily into your skin. 

There are various facial massage techniques. You can use your fingertips, the palm of your hands, a jade roller, or Gua Sha but do whatever method you find works best for you.

I use a combination of techniques from experts and after my 20-minute mask, I mist my face with Rose Geranium Hydrosol and then I place 4 - 5 drops of Golden Dew Night Serum or Rose + Rose Day Serum in the palm of my hands.  Using my palms I start with an upward movement beginning at my jawline going toward the sides of my face up to my hairline.

I repeat this a few times and then move toward my eyebrows/forehead by applying pressure with the palm of my hand and massaging upwards toward my hairline. This always feels so amazing - releasing tension I often don't realize I have.

Applying that pressure and massage your forehead in circular motions.

Now place a palm in between your eyebrows. With firm, even pressure, massage in circular motions up towards your hairline. Next, take both palms to your temples and continue massaging with firm pressure in circular motions. You can adjust how long you do this according to your tension level, but 20 seconds or so work for me. This is repeated several times.

Last, place the sides of your index fingers onto the nasolabial fold (aka the crease the connects the sides of your nose to the sides of your mouth) and sweep in one fluid motion toward the side of your face, ending by slowly sweeping your fingers from the jawline down your neck to drain the lymph. 

This might seem confusing at first, but I promise you - you'll get the hang of it - creating your own spa moments at home with a facial massage. 

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