Garden Fresh - Facials with Dr. Natalya

March 27, 2021

Garden Fresh - Facials with Dr. Natalya


For awhile, I'd been dreaming of creating and using garden space for garden facials with our Bespoke Collection. I pictured women relaxing, experiencing a facial while being surround by the beauty of the gardens. 


During our October, 2020 Beauty & Wellness Gathering, seven women were fortunate to be the first to secure a reservation for our Garden Fresh Facial with @natalyaborakowski, Scottsdale NMD & Esthetician of Desert Bloom Skincare. 

The Garden Cottage was the perfect, secluded spot to create a private spa like garden sanctuary for the women's facials.


With a bit it of imagination we were able to transform this garden into a quiet sanctuary for the morning facials.  It was the perfect spot for Dr. Natalia to introduce each woman to her Garden-Fresh Facials using our healthy, garden-grown Bespoke Skincare.

This garden was a fitting backdrop of beauty for the morning complete with pink salvia, deep purple angelonia, raspberry snap dragons, white and pink rose bushes, pink chrysanthemum (in general are said to are believed to represent happiness, love, longevity and joy), and my tarragon creating a trailing border. 

The women not only breathed in the garden's beauty, but they experienced what natural, whole plant beauty could do for their skin. 

The morning meandered over to our Cottage Garden gates. began as each woman registered for her garden facial, She was greeted at the grapevine arbor by Dr. Natalya's husband/partner Brian. After signing in, she was directed toward the rose garden pathway which led her to the beloved Garden Cottage. 


All our roses are used in the various formulas for our Bespoke Collection. 
If you look carefully toward the fence of this garden, you can see a curious one, named Cherry, looking on. 
One more peek at our beloved Garden Cottage inside, a vintage side table with zinc planters filled wild arrangements of dried sunflowers, yarrow, helichrysum and anything else I can find to add art, beauty and grace to the cottage. 


Inside the garden/ private outdoor facial spa garden each guest was able to simple relax, breathe, soak in the beauty and the October morning air as the beautiful Dr. Natalya gently worked her magic using our farm to face products.






Natalya, began by cleansing the skin with Rose clay+citrus goat milk bar. She used an ultrasonic scrubber to remove any skin impurities.  Then, a warmed, steamed facial towel was used to remove any remainder of the goat milk bar. 



Next, Natalya used facial steam while massaging drops of warmed Luna, our Nourishing Oil Cleanser into the skin.  One of the things loved about Luna is its earthy, grounding scent that calms and centers. 




While steaming the face, Natalya, then applied our Rose & Hibiscus Beauty Mask to  gently exfoliate and stimulate the skin. The mask was then removed with a warmed, steamed facial towel.



So, now the skin is cleansed and exfoliated and is ready to receive all the nourishment from the botanical infused skincare.

Then, the steam was turned off and Dr. Natalya's performed her signature anti-aging facial massage with our farm's Calendula Infused Sunflower Oil 
Excess oil was removed with a warm steamed facial towel. We finished our treatment with a spritz of Calendula Hydrosol facial tonic, couple drops of Golden Dew botanical beauty serum and organic mineral SPF.


This mini treatment is 30 minutes long and serves as an introduction to facial services performed at Desert Bloom Skincare, as well as an opportunity to experience first hand the magic of farm to face skincare by Lylah Ledner.

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