History of The Simple Farm - Our Market - Our Farm Dinners - Our Apothecary

Our (past) weekly Thursday Farmer's Market at The Simple Farm.

 I'll never forget the day Scott Craven of the AZ Republic called me for an interview about our farm . . . and then the story landed on Sunday's Living Section in a 3 page color spread.  


Did you know that for years (back in 2012) we opened our farm to the public for a weekly, Thursday morning market?  Sometimes upward of 100+ folks would walk through our farm gates and shop our organically grown farmer's market. Most valued cooking and preparing home meals with farm grown, local vegetables and herbs. Some just needed to come to a desert oasis, sit at a bistro table under a shade tree, drink coffee and enjoy a pastry - a way to be inspired and dream. 

Our heirloom tomatoes.

 My favorite - French Breakfast radish.

My mantra then and my mantra now.

Every week, the farm team would harvest and gather fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers. The baskets would be filled and then presented in a beautiful way - to honor the work and gift of fresh farm produce. I wanted everyone coming in to the larder to have a sense of being at a lovely French Farmer's Market. I felt that if it was a lovely and inviting presentation at the market that perhaps that same spirit of beauty and honor would be repeated at a family meal table. 
There was always a bounty of whatever was in season and we would include our fresh eggs, bread from a local baker, pastries from another local baker and our own farmstead sea salt caramels, farm made jams and apple butter. 
 It was pure joy to see folks fill their baskets - knowing that the fruit of our labor would be a blessing to someones family meal table. 

The Farm Larder

Connecting to our community through the meal table, beautiful food and health has always been important to us.

Closing the farm to the public was a difficult, yet necessary decision. Back in those days there also was a big interest for what we call "basic life skills" and so, we held many workshops to teach, inspire, encourage - how to garden, how to grow food, how to compost, how to can and how to prepare special meals.  We also taught animal husbandry workshops like chicken and goat keeping. 

This beautiful garden bed no longer looks like this.

As with any garden, they run their season and sometimes you stop growing in that garden for awhile - to let it rest. Everything has a beginning and an ending and sometimes it's hard to stop something that seems so good and so helpful   . . . but for us, looking back, we know that decision to end was a necessary one.

We needed to end the Thursday morning market - we needed to close our front gates (but never our hearts) and we needed to step back and regroup - we needed to make a shift for our family and follow our heart to connect with our community in a different way.

Creating whole botanical skincare and wellness products seemed like the perfect next step.  Our farm has always grown and cultivated baskets and bundles of culinary and medicinal herbs and flowers like rosemary, moringa, marjoram, chamomile, calendula, dandelion, nettle, hibiscus, and within the past two years - beautiful roses. So, we shifted by beginning to expand the percentage grown of those skin and body healing botanicals.

We turned our market (former horse barn) into our farm lab where our farm grown botanicals that have been processed begin a slow beauty infusion process for our estate beauty blend. It's a slow beauty - seed to serum process. Our estate beauty blend is formulated with other carefully chosen whole plant organic oils - the combinations are used in various bespoke beauty products.  I like to think of our lab as the culmination of the garden beauty that is poured into bottles and becomes part of a woman's special skin and body ritual. 


The other side of the horse barn was converted into our drying botanical room and recently to our wellness Apothecary with botanical old ladders hanging to dry the botanicals. 


So, we connect to our community through our wellness Apothecary and also through our farm's meal tables as we partner with local chefs. Our Moonlight Farm Dinner is a multi-course, fine-dining experience that begins at sunset when the stars light the sky and you arrive for your memorable culinary experience.

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens - Central to our Farm Dinners

When the pivot happened - Moonlight Farm Dinners - we took to time to rethink and expand the garden space in the Gathering Garden. We added our wood fire pizza ovens (the centerpiece in the outdoor kitchen), we extended the arbor,  Michael, along with a good friend, built eight beautiful 8' tables. We have been able to seat up to 100 dinner guests.

It is the place where we gather with you, our AZ community for Moonlight, multi-course, fine-dining experiences prepared on our wood-fire ovens by some of the valley's amazing local chefs.

The Washington Post - The Simple Farm - buried treasure - a local fave.


Wellness Apothecary

Our Apothecary is open during our Moonlight Dinners & Wellness Gatherings and our farm grown botanical beauty products along with our farmstead sea salt caramels are available.. The Apothecary is open at other times by appointment.

Chopped Chef May 2021 Dinner

Please join us on Saturday, October 16, as we welcome Food Network Chopped Champion Adam Allison for a special multi-course, fine-dining experience under the stars. Two seating are available - our Community Table and The Chef's Table. 

Chef Adam will be gifting each guest seated at The Chef’s Table a bottle of wine, a signed copy of Phoenix Cooks and some special surprises.

Phoenix Cooks by Christina Barrueta

Our Apothecary is opened during our Moonlight Farm Dinners and our Wellness Gatherings and by appointment at other times. 
 our skin care products and sea salt caramels will be available for purchase. Feel free to order online and pick up your skincare products or caramels in the Apothecary. Shipping is refunded. 
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