The Farm's Flower Sanctuary


The Farm’s Flower Shack . . . is for the praise and beauty of flowers and what they do for the soul that is searching. It’s an intimate gathering garden space where you’ll learn the fine art of creating simple yet elegant and classic floral arrangements. You’ll learn (from some of the valley's most creative designers) how to select your vase, how to select your flowers and how to put it all together – simply - beautifully - in a way that brings joy to your soul.


Next Beauty & Wellness Gathering TBA

The Flower Shack will be open during our Beauty & Wellness Gatherings for you to bring your cup of tea or coffee, sit down and listen to one of our favorite floral designers share how she uses garden herbs, flowers and vines to create a simple yet elegant flowing bouquet.
In time, we'll include workshops to inspire you:
Creating a cutting garden,
Designing an English Garden 
Growing Roses
Discovering the Beauty of Alchemy Distillation (a day retreat)