Hazel's Surprise - Baby Goat Adam Has Arrived

June 13, 2021

Hazel's Surprise - Baby Goat Adam Has Arrived

It's been two years since we've had baby goats born at our farm. They are always such fun and such "work". They slow you down - cause you to pause with all their silly hopping and flipping. 

We've been waiting for the arrival of this seasons baby goats and last Friday morning, I woke up around 5 am to check on Hazel. I'm not sure if you heard me scream (Michael did) - right there near the "goat playground" Hazel was licking her newborn. We knew she would deliver just one - because of the ultrasounds we had done. That always helps give me a peace of mind - but sometimes there can be a surprise of an extra one that did not get picked up on the images.

Most of the time, goats deliver without your assistance.  About 45 % of the time they need help.  Hazel's an experienced mom and just did her thing - delivering her beautiful boy.

I am thinking Adam was born around 4:30 am as he was still a bit wet, Hazel's  placenta was still intact and Winnie was busy doing what LGD's do - "clean up." That's when I want to throw up. The job of a LGD (livestock guardian dog) is to clean up - you can imagine. They do this so the scent of blood and other stuff does not attract prey (like Coyote). It's one of her ways to protect her charges. Winnie, is our LGD is an Anatolian Shepherd - and the best girl ever. 

I've been posting pics on our IG pages and if you want to see more, besides the pic below - follow us on Instagram here and here



As cute as ALL baby goats are - we rarely retain any babies. We rehome them - sometimes they serve in the Navajo Reservation, other times they are placed in with another goat owner who understands they beauty of our line/genetics and sometimes they find their home in a new goat owner wanting to start their herd with excellent breeding stock. If you're interested in having goats here is a blog post I wrote that will give you some things to think about before you step into this world. 

Adam will be joining another amazing goat dairy - he'll be raised to be a herd sire (his genetics are that good!). 


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