The Cultivating Culture of Our Farm

September 30, 2020

The Cultivating Culture of Our Farm

When Michael and I embraced this adventure to transform weed-choked land into our farm - with gardens of beauty that would feed the body and the soul, we learned how much cultivating and nurturing is a life principle. We learned that the relationship of both cultivating and nurturing are needed to grow beauty. 

For us, our gardens, have become an expression of our hearts which have grown out of learning about the relationships between cultivating and nurturing. 

According to the Cambridge dictionary, the word cultivate has to do with preparing land to grow crops and creating a new condition by directed effort. Merriam dictionary adds that cultivate has to do with fostering growth …whether of plants, the mind, the arts, or friendships.



Cultivating this land and designing gardens (HERE - How I Design Gardens) has been some of the most challenging yet rewarding work Michael and I have ever done. It was barren, sun parched, hard and rocky. The only shade that existed on, this former horse property, were a pine, small acacia and one chaparral. In the natural sense, it seemed hopeless. 

Early on, in our season of learning to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables and plant trees, we recognized the relationship principles of cultivating and nurturing.



It was then, that we made the decision to build these relationship principles into every we seek to do. 

From the land we grow on, our beautiful herd of goats, the products we create, and the people we serve through opening our home and farm for various gatherings . . . 

. . . like families gathering mulberries at the farm,
. . . like women enjoying coffee and pastry in the gardens,
. . . like strangers becoming friends at a moonlit dinner around our farm table
all with the mindset and heart to cultivate and nurture.