Why Double Cleansing Is Important

September 02, 2019

Why Double Cleansing Is Important

Besides using an oil cleanser during your evening routine (here is why), I always recommend a second cleanse.

Luna, our nourishing oil cleanser is your first cleanse and then cleanse again with Luna or choose one of our Goat Milk Face Cleansing Bars as your second. I personally, switch back and forth between Canyon Pink Clay + Citrus and Activated Bamboo Charcoal + Rosemary.

Double cleansing is one of the beauty secrets for nourished and radiant skin. If you live in a metro area, it’s especially important to use an anti-aging cleansing oil that breaks down the layers of grime and pollutants as well as dissolves your makeup. Luna, our Nourishing Oil Cleanser, takes care of that by gently removing those impurities as it deeply nourishes your skin.

I know once you start using Luna, you'll enjoy the earthy, woodsy, rose-like aroma and you'll enjoy how soft and plump and clean it makes your skin. The blend of foundation oils of Tamanu, Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip are all rich in anti-bacterial + nourishing properties that support skin regeneration. Read about it here.

Formulated to work on dry skin, start with 4-5 pumps of Luna – massaging this aromatic oil into your skin. Then using warm to hot water, wet your soft, Bamboo Face Cloth, place it over your face - breathe in and then start sweep upward to clean your face.

Use Luna for your second cleanse or use one of our Goat Milk Face Bar Cleanser for your second cleanse. 

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