If Acne or Blemishes Are An Issue for You

May 20, 2019

If Acne or Blemishes Are An Issue for You

There are 4 types of acne: 2 are inflammatory and the other 2 are non-inflammatory.  When acne or blemishes are an issue, it's important to have a solid skincare routine at home. According to an esthetician I highly respect, the key is to keep your skin clean and (gently) exfoliated.

Daily cleansing - getting rid of dirt, excess oil, bacteria and dead skin along with everything else that gets on your face during the day is necessary so the new cells have a chance to appear healthier and smoother. 

If acne or blemishes are an issue for you or someone in your home, we suggest our little black bar of soap for that gentle cleansing and exfoliations.

Goat's milk has AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) which gently exfoliates and the activated bamboo charcoal will also provide gentle detoxification. Activated charcoal actually binds with toxins and dirt (which contribute to acne). 


The other plus is our specific blend of the beautiful rosemary + sweet orange essential oils. This blend provides that earthy/sweet/grounding scent, but also some super anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria compounds.

Side note: if you have acneic skin, watch your dairy intake.


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